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Abahna Vetiver & Cedarwood Scented Candle 180g

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Abahna Vetiver & Cedarwood Scented Candle 180g

A luxury scented candle adorning the edge of your bath transforms your daily bathe into a supremely pampering spa experience. Let sensual oils gradually envelop you in their fragrance as you relax in a sublimely scented bath while the soft, glowing candlelight melts away the stresses of the day. This 180g natural wax scented candle will burn for up to 40 hours and comes in an elegantly coloured glass.

Vetiver & Cedarwood - A balancing scent to lighten your mood and lift the emotions.

Just as bathing is one of life's simplest luxuries, so is lighting a scented candle. Take time out of your busy lifestyle to meditate and rebalance for a moment of peace and tranquillity.

Contains essential oils - 100% natural wax - Hand poured in England

Abahna's skilled chandlers hand pour scented candles using 100% pure wax for clean and even burning. Free from petroleum for lower carbon emissions. Made in small batches to maintain highest quality standards