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Timothy Dunn Luxury Diffuser - Mille Fleurs

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Timothy Dunn Mille Fleurs Luxury Diffuser

Infuse your home with exotic fragrance with an elegant Timothy Dunn diffuser. Your favourite scent can be as bold or as muted as you desire - simply add or remove reeds from the bouquet until you reach the perfect aroma. Turn reeds regularly to refresh fragrance intensity and enjoy continuous aroma for up to 4 months.

The famous flower markets in Bangkok are truly something to behold: Exuberant displays of orchids and lotus flowers, tropical frangipani and cascades of exotic Eastern blooms with their intense, sweet smell to intoxicate your senses...

In remarkable tribute to the heady, unforgettable scent of tuberose and the fascinatingly beautiful flower markets, comes Timothy Dunn's Mille Fleurs luxury diffuser.

An exotic floral bouquet with tuberose, ylang ylang, frangipani, orchid, jasmine, lotus flower, white rose, carnation and neroli blossom with undertones of powdery heliotrope, vanilla and musk.